Sunday, March 1, 2009

Someone is squatting on

now 'ain't that a pretty image ;-)

Apparently 'Wayne Smith' (I'm only using the inverted commas because I have no idea if that's a real name, or not), a chap previously famous / notorious for registering shortly after her dad, Steve's, death - either altruistically or cynically depending on which network you get your news from..... anywhoo he's registed '' and ''.

Looks to me like the same chap also edited Jimmy's user page to say 'Heil Hitler' in the revision now displayed as the .org homepage. This sort of makes the jape a bit dull in my book - because otherwise the concept of using a public diff from Wikipedia as a potentially libellous homepage on an alternate domain seems sort of interesting legally / ethically etc.

Seems like Wayne's probably after some attention to me, and who am I not to provide it! - perhaps we'll see this pushed into the media somewhere somehow before too long... I don't think this under-distributed blog is the summit of Wayne's ambitions!

For much smarter comment (no doubt) - head over to Wikipedia Review, or check out Jimbo's talk page where someone (probably Wayne?) pointed it out....